The best dad’s woodworking project for kids

Woodworking is an art practiced by all ages. Dad’s woodworking project is fun and ignites creativity for kids. Kids are dynamic in grasping concepts. They also good in customization of the concepts and developing play stuff. Little expertise is required in constructing the tools. Woodworking activities are also fun among the children population. Some of the woodworking projects for kids require less complex materials, which are readily available in the local market. Some of the projects ideas for kids include:

Coat rack

This is easy-to-construct equipment. The materials required include hooks (different sizes), sand paper, dowel rod wood, knife, paint and brush, glue, saw, and nails.


Cut the wood into 2X4 sizes, cut the dowel into pieces of the desired size as well. Use a sandpaper to smoothen rough parts. The Select arrangement pattern of the pieces on the wood according to your desired cloth arrangement. Leave space between the dowel piece patterns for drilling the nails. Drill the nails at specific intervals for support. Use a super glue to place the hooks on the dowel pieces. Drill a hole where the nails will pass through. Your rack is ready for use. Kids love colors, beautify your rack by applying paint on the nails and visible wood. The color depends on your choice and the theme color of the room you intend to keep it. This is a simple project which kids learn various skills. It deals with sharp objects hence adult care is advisable.xbutterflyjoint-60

Storage boxes

This is the simplest project for dad and kids. It is less risky and materials used are easily available and assembled. It only needs wood, nails, paint and the right portable which you can check those materials here


Cut the wood using a woodworking lathes into three sets of different measurements. Each set is a pair of wood for compatibility purposes. Use a sandpaper to smoothen the rough parts. Then using a set square measure the edges to ensure they fit the joints. Drill perfect holes at specific intervals to help fix them to one another. Use glue and nails to join the parts. Use hinges to connect the top part to the lower part to support constant opening and closing. This is a project to keep the kids busy and allow them to make their own storage facilities for their bedroom.

Four-stand stool

This is unique furniture with simple instruction on its design. Material required include four round wood pieces, nails, driller, sand paper, wood stand (desired shape) and hammer.


Smoothen the ages of the wood top, drill four holes at the edges (you wont have a hard time finding the best drill press here), smear glue at the holes and fix the round pieces in each of the holes, nail the pieces and paint the stool using desired color paint

Woodwork projects do not require trained carpentry skills, just a little creativity and passion kick starts the project. Kids enjoy outdoor activities; you need to brief children on uses and dangers of each and every tool for extra care to avoid accidents. Some basics tools like hammer, tape measure, bolts, and nails are a must-have while handling woodwork projects.