How to select toilets for toddlers


Toilet training is one heavy task for most parents. Children reach their milestones at different ages resulting in differences in mastery levels of toilet training. Saying goodbye to diapers is a big milestone but the next stage can be a headache. What then do you need to consider when you do a toilet shopping for a comfortable toilet for your toddler?



Whether you decide to buy a potty or a toilet seat reducer, you should ensure it is the right size for your toddler. Take the toddler to the store and test the size to ensure it is comfortable, otherwise, the toddler might have a negative perception if it is not friendly or at ease.  Ensure the seat is the right size for maximum comfort. Comfort can also be the area of storage. Is the bathroom slippery and prone to slip? The first experience will determine the smooth running of the training and make the whole activity enjoyable.


Attractive features

To add fun to potty training, most potty manufacturers have modified the toilet seats with cartoons or favorite pictures. Others are made like chairs, which can be opened and closed. Why all these? Kids are attracted to funny characters and pictures, they motivate the toddler to use the potty while learning and appreciating the fun it comes with it. Others add sound sounds, color themes, and lights among others.



Feces is a source of bacteria and fungi which cause illnesses. Choose a potty, which is easy to clean and empty. This is determined by the type of material used in their design. Some materials tend to absorb the smell and excreted materials stick on the potty making cleaning a filthy and hard task. An easy to handle after use is the ideal potty. Use one that the toddler cannot access the contents while still in use. A tight lid will also be of help to reduce the toddler from handling individually.



Different sexes excrete urine differently, buy a potty with splashguard to avoid contamination and ensure there is the ability of comfort of the toddler irrespective of the sex.


Size, weight, and height

The size and height of the potty should be proportional to the weight, height, and size of a toddler. It should not be too high or too low. Remember, the main goal of toilet training is self-reliance during excretion, let the toddler’s toilet be high enough to use without support. Consider, kids are growing very fast; the right fit might lead to short-term usage.


Durability and safety

Kids are exploitative in nature when there are added features on the potty. They will try other activities. The durability of a potty is determined by the nature of the material used in its construction. In case, there are hanging objects on the potty ensure they are not easily detachable and cause harm to the baby.

Selection of a potty requires a sober mind and patience. Do not lose hope as much as they make mistakes.