The best dad’s woodworking project for kids

Woodworking is an art practiced by all ages. Dad’s woodworking project is fun and ignites creativity for kids. Kids are dynamic in grasping concepts. They also good in customization of the concepts and developing play stuff. Little expertise is required in constructing the tools. Woodworking activities are also fun among the children population. Some of the woodworking projects for kids require less complex materials, which are readily available in the local market. Some of the projects ideas for kids include:

Coat rack

This is easy-to-construct equipment. The materials required include hooks (different sizes), sand paper, dowel rod wood, knife, paint and brush, glue, saw, and nails.


Cut the wood into 2X4 sizes, cut the dowel into pieces of the desired size as well. Use a sandpaper to smoothen rough parts. The Select arrangement pattern of the pieces on the wood according to your desired cloth arrangement. Leave space between the dowel piece patterns for drilling the nails. Drill the nails at specific intervals for support. Use a super glue to place the hooks on the dowel pieces. Drill a hole where the nails will pass through. Your rack is ready for use. Kids love colors, beautify your rack by applying paint on the nails and visible wood. The color depends on your choice and the theme color of the room you intend to keep it. This is a simple project which kids learn various skills. It deals with sharp objects hence adult care is advisable.xbutterflyjoint-60

Storage boxes

This is the simplest project for dad and kids. It is less risky and materials used are easily available and assembled. It only needs wood, nails, paint and the right portable which you can check those materials here


Cut the wood using a woodworking lathes into three sets of different measurements. Each set is a pair of wood for compatibility purposes. Use a sandpaper to smoothen the rough parts. Then using a set square measure the edges to ensure they fit the joints. Drill perfect holes at specific intervals to help fix them to one another. Use glue and nails to join the parts. Use hinges to connect the top part to the lower part to support constant opening and closing. This is a project to keep the kids busy and allow them to make their own storage facilities for their bedroom.

Four-stand stool

This is unique furniture with simple instruction on its design. Material required include four round wood pieces, nails, driller, sand paper, wood stand (desired shape) and hammer.


Smoothen the ages of the wood top, drill four holes at the edges (you wont have a hard time finding the best drill press here), smear glue at the holes and fix the round pieces in each of the holes, nail the pieces and paint the stool using desired color paint

Woodwork projects do not require trained carpentry skills, just a little creativity and passion kick starts the project. Kids enjoy outdoor activities; you need to brief children on uses and dangers of each and every tool for extra care to avoid accidents. Some basics tools like hammer, tape measure, bolts, and nails are a must-have while handling woodwork projects.

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How to select toilets for toddlers


Toilet training is one heavy task for most parents. Children reach their milestones at different ages resulting in differences in mastery levels of toilet training. Saying goodbye to diapers is a big milestone but the next stage can be a headache. What then do you need to consider when you do a toilet shopping for a comfortable toilet for your toddler?



Whether you decide to buy a potty or a toilet seat reducer, you should ensure it is the right size for your toddler. Take the toddler to the store and test the size to ensure it is comfortable, otherwise, the toddler might have a negative perception if it is not friendly or at ease.  Ensure the seat is the right size for maximum comfort. Comfort can also be the area of storage. Is the bathroom slippery and prone to slip? The first experience will determine the smooth running of the training and make the whole activity enjoyable.


Attractive features

To add fun to potty training, most potty manufacturers have modified the toilet seats with cartoons or favorite pictures. Others are made like chairs, which can be opened and closed. Why all these? Kids are attracted to funny characters and pictures, they motivate the toddler to use the potty while learning and appreciating the fun it comes with it. Others add sound sounds, color themes, and lights among others.



Feces is a source of bacteria and fungi which cause illnesses. Choose a potty, which is easy to clean and empty. This is determined by the type of material used in their design. Some materials tend to absorb the smell and excreted materials stick on the potty making cleaning a filthy and hard task. An easy to handle after use is the ideal potty. Use one that the toddler cannot access the contents while still in use. A tight lid will also be of help to reduce the toddler from handling individually.



Different sexes excrete urine differently, buy a potty with splashguard to avoid contamination and ensure there is the ability of comfort of the toddler irrespective of the sex.


Size, weight, and height

The size and height of the potty should be proportional to the weight, height, and size of a toddler. It should not be too high or too low. Remember, the main goal of toilet training is self-reliance during excretion, let the toddler’s toilet be high enough to use without support. Consider, kids are growing very fast; the right fit might lead to short-term usage.


Durability and safety

Kids are exploitative in nature when there are added features on the potty. They will try other activities. The durability of a potty is determined by the nature of the material used in its construction. In case, there are hanging objects on the potty ensure they are not easily detachable and cause harm to the baby.

Selection of a potty requires a sober mind and patience. Do not lose hope as much as they make mistakes.




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Family day out to play ping pong

Ping pong is one fun activities a family can enjoy their day out. It is a healthy activity ideal for physical and mental exercise. There are varieties of ping pong tables available in the market ideal for indoor and outdoor events. Manufacturers have considered different tastes and ages to design a table perfect for any of the event. Table tennis engages all the family in healthy competitions, depending on the number that wishes to participate. It can accommodate up to for players at a go. It is a great time to bond and share while enjoying the game.

Why table tennis?

This is a game, which has few rules and regulations; mastery of its activities is simple and easy. Kids want a game which they can beat the adults. They are flexible and fit to move the ball without it touching the ground. It is a game they can easily defeat their parents and engage the whole family in the game.

Factors to consider when planning a table tennis play during a family day out


Table tennis is enjoyable when one is passionate about the game. When you decide to play ping pong during your family outing, you have to ensure everyone is passionate about the game for the maximum enjoyment of each member.

Availability of space

Table tennis requires some space to move around and allow the ball to bounce back. When you make a choice to play tennis during the family day out, choose a place where there is enough space to play and opponent return the ball.

Availability of equipment

If a family decides to go to a public place, there is a possibility of inadequate tennis tables and balls due to the number. A family can carry their equipment to avoid inconveniences and delays.


Some areas have restrictions on the type of activities by guests. Have a prior knowledge of the ground policies to avoid any challenges.

Number of players vs. tennis tables

The number of family members who intend to participate in the day out will determine the planning of the outing as well as the type of equipment to hire or order. This will also define the prior arrangement of equipment. The equipment should also be enough so that each family member enjoys the game to the fullest.

Participant’s age

A family day out consists of both adults and children. When you decide to go for a table tennis as a sport, you should consider the children. You should organize low-level tennis tables to factor in the kids and paddle, here at You can also organize for family competition between the kids, between the adults and between the teenagers.

Table tennis is a universal sport loved by all. Learning the game is simple and easy. A family can make the event memorable through prior training to have family competition. It is a popular game for all ages across Europe. A family can incorporate another event to make the whole outing fun and enjoyable.




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How to convince your parents in letting you ride a motorbike


Parents are adamant in allowing their children to ride motorbikes due to the fatal cases during accidents. Children are curious in nature, in addition to their low concentration span, they can extend the play on the highway and cause fatal accidents. Parents also feel their inadequate knowledge in rules of driving can be a source of disaster on the road. They also feel they can be lost in the process due to excitement and lack of a navigator as a guide. You can view different GPS here for your motorcycle: like 660 review :

Convincing parents to allow their children to go out and enjoy the motorcycle ride is quite a challenge. The best way to convince them is through comprehensive empowerment on the benefits of the exercise to the child.

It is the joy of every parent to give their children the best of skills; to help them change the traditional mindset and later give permission to the children. These are some of the benefits to mention when convincing them.

Nurture talent

Renowned international riders started at a young age. A child can give real life examples on the benefits of riding at an early age. A talent developed at an early age becomes a career in adult age. Who does not want his child to be an international rider?

Cognitive development

Riding is a skill; a lot of brainwork is involved from road safety, to motorcycle mechanics, spinning and brake control. You can ride around the home, change a tire in the presence of a parent to prove to your parent the benefits of riding.

Positive mindset

Parents have the fear of uncertainty on the dangers involved in allowing you to ride alone. You can request your parent to pay for motorcycle and safety and training for you; to eliminate the negative attitude he/she may possess on road safety and motorcycle riding. In addition, he can accompany you in one of the rides for his self-satisfaction.

Boosts self-esteem

Motorcycle riding is the norm in the current generation when every child in the neighborhood has a motorcycle, what of the ones who lack. They tend to develop anger, jealousy, and embarrassment, which ruins their self-esteem.

Physical and mental exercise

Overweight and obesity are fast world problems. Motorcycle riding helps a child to exercise due to the physical activity involved and further reduce overweight and associated problems.

This is a sensitive decision for a parent with a negative mindset on riding. Before you embark on providing the above benefits, have a free interaction with your parent to get the idea behind the reservation. Tackle each fear of uncertainty with proven facts to have a full control of your parents’ reservations. It will take some time to convince them, a little patience is recommended for the parent to be fully convinced is a noble exercise. Otherwise, when you hurry, the whole process will be futile. You can also seek the services of an adult who has taken such a bold step to talk and give them convincing facts on the importance of riding with the child.

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